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Crystal Yu

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Crystal Yu
BANANATIME takes you into the world of travel together with their friends. Every month we introduce you to one of our friends. 
This month in the spotlight: 
Crystal Yu. We asked her six questions to get to know her better.

Crystal Yu is wearing the Easy Pant Bamboo Stripes and Crew Sweater Grey


Please can you share how you started your career as event consulting company and what you do?
I liked to party when I was 17 like everyone else haha, and luckily got into events companies to do internships and studied wine in wine companies etc. Those experiences convinced me to stay in the Food & Beverage industry. So here I am. Deeply connected with my passion with travel and food, meanwhile I am delivering good memories for people. As an event/wedding planner, I need to communicate with clients, design what they want, and eventually execute the plans. We consider ourselves as dream makers, because no matter what you want just let us know and we will make it happen.(Our website: I am also a lifestyle blogger, as I like beautiful things, good food, travel and sports  I often share stories on my social media with my readers.

Can you describe a perfect 24 hour day for you in Shanghai?
A perfect day in Shanghai would be waking up 8am in a suite in W Shanghai and then enjoying a nice morning swim and a healthy breakfast. Then I would take a walk or ride MoBike to my office in the bund/in streets. Eat dumplings/xiaolongbao for lunch.  After work I like to hangout with friends on rooftops for a drink, stop by some exhibitions or simply go to the gym. In the evening, dress up for a lovely dinner at Hakkasan and back home to watch a movie to fall asleep.

Are there some favourite must go to places that you can recommend in Shanghai?
I can give a whole list of places you must go or to-do on each section. But to pick a few highlights, that would be:

-Shanghai Center Top Floor/have a drink at Pudong Ritz Carlton Flair Bar (Best view of Shanghai)
-Do a Sunday Brunch 'SocialRetox' at W Shanghai
-Make a day trip to Zhujiajiao old town
-Visit Jade Buda Temple in Jing'an (Especially for those who want to pray for love) or Jing'an Temple (for those who want to pray for luck)
-Xintiandi and the bund no need to say more about it
-PM me for clubs and restaurants hahaha, oh and shopping spots
-Just to save your time, take metro line 2 to the Shanghai high technology and science museum station, that's where the 'infamous' fake market is located 

Is there any city you love to travel to the most?  
Hmm, I want to say a different city, but hmm, Paris I guess.

What has been your most memorable vacation?  What made it so special for you?
Switzerland trip. Did skydiving in Interlake on 2014 May 20th, from Jungfrau Mountains. It was a gift to myself. I was reborn that day.


Crystal Yu is wearing a Wild Child print

What is your favourite means of travel?  Train, Plane, Bike, Boat, other?
Actually I like trains because I can access internet and working along the way. Sounds workaholic haha. I think mostly depends on the distance, I like cycling but I am not a big fan of long distance bike trip. I do like cruise trips as I think it's very relaxing, if I want to have a detox trip I would definitely do cruises. Planes are convenient of course. 

When you travel, what are the top 3 things you must include in your bag?
1. My phone, keeps me away from getting lost
2. Passport, I shop a lot so always need tax-refund hahaha
3. Lipstick, always travel in style

Do you have any favourite BANANATIME prints?
Yes the Hawaii collection, comfy and doesn't take much space in my suitcases. Top choices!!! And I like beach and oceans. All water activities I like and I feel like whenever I wear BANANATIME, it always feel like I am touched by the water. =)


"All water activities I like and I feel like whenever I wear BANANATIME,
it always feels like I am touched by the water."

Crystal Yu is wearing the Easy Pant Bamboo Stripes and Crew Sweater Grey