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Jip Boxstart

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Jip Boxstart

 This September we share with you the story of the face of our Spring Summer 21 collection Jip Boxstart - @jipboxstart.


Can you please share how you started your career in fashion?

I got scouted while I was at a party in Amsterdam with all my colleges in America today, a store I was working for at that time. Someone from the headquarters came up to me and asked me if I was a model and perhaps wanted to come to the casting day for the new campaign. So, a week later I went there with my mom and did the casting. There I was without a portfolio, not knowing what to expect. We talked with the people there and a few days later they called to tell me that I was confirmed for the new campaign. I was over the moon! I never did anything like this so it was all very exciting and a little scary.  

On the shooting day, I met the whole team and all the other models that were cast. They all had very impressive careers already and I was super excited to be part of something so special. One of the models was Matthijs who is now, after 5 years still my mother agent. He was starting his own agency at that time and I was the first one to be signed with him. He signed me with agencies all over the world and I began to do more and more jobs abroad. That is how it all started for me!


Jip is wearing the Slip Dress and Tapered 2 Pant in Bleeding Flowers Green Blue.

In the photograph there is Jip's grandfather who was a photographer, and her mother photographed by him.  


What has been the most memorable shoot location and why?

I went to Capetown in South Africa for a shoot with Hermes. We shot a short movie in over a week and shot at so many beautiful locations. The team was amazing and I felt so lucky to be there! 


How has your approach or attitude to travel and home changed over the last few months? 

I notice that I find it difficult to travel long distances again. When I have to travel for work I try to take the train. To London and Paris, this is okay but for places further away it is more difficult. Luckily I haven’t had to travel that far yet. But if I do I will do everything I can to be as careful as possible and of course test myself before and after the trip so no one in my area gets infected! Home feels more like home after I have spent so much time here. I appreciate more that I have a roof above my head, a bed to sleep in, housemates to keep me company. 

How would you plan the perfect staycation in your home city of Rotterdam?

I am living with 3 of my best friends so we just hang out in the park, swim, go for drinks, or do dinners together. We also sometimes organize little home parties with the 4 of us and our boyfriends since it is not allowed to go to parties and all the festivals are canceled this summer. 

Can you share how you like to take a break, relax, and enjoy life?

I love to do yoga and meditate when I wake up. I also started boxing again together with my best friend. I enjoy moving because it makes me feel strong and happy. I like to cook for a group of people, hang out and dance with my friends. I am reading a book from Haruki Murakami right now and makes me realize you don’t need a lot to feel happy which is nice because it is kind of accurate around this time. I like to be creative and play around with clothes. I am always on the hunt for the best vintage items! I am building my styling portfolio and hope to do an internship soon with a cool stylist. 

Are there any films or books that inspire you?

Yesterday I watched Fallen angels by Kar-Wai Wong which I found so inspiring. Because the storyline is so abstract and the cinematography is so beautifully visualized it comes close to a form of art for me. I almost finished the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari which is about the history of humankind. It is mind-blowing what we humans are capable of and to read about the evolution we have been through.

Which places in the world sparks your creativity most and why? 

Almost 2 years ago I lived in Los Angeles for 2 months. There I found out that photography is really important to me. I documented my whole stay with my analog camera. The light in California is incredible, I’ve never seen more photogenic light anywhere else in the world yet! It makes everything so much more interesting. I even made a whole series of piles of the trash while I was there. All of a sudden I could see the beauty of it!


Can you describe your style and how you like to combine your BANANATIME pieces?

I find it hard to describe my style because I really can appreciate a lot of things! What I am trying to do when I choose an outfit for the day is to mix and match different styles with each other. When my look is more girly I try to break it with a couple of cowboy boots or a tracksuit jacket or so. It also really depends on my mood what I wear every day. 

My BANANATIME items are a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I like to invest in high-quality items so I can enjoy them for a long time. I wear my Bleeding Flowers Slip Dress with the pants in the same print. The silk is so soft on my skin it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing clothes!

Photo courtesy of Jip Boxstart