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Nigel Minani

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Nigel Minani

BANANATIME takes you into the world of travel together with their friends. Every month we introduce you to one of our friends. 
This month in the spotlight: Nigel Minani. He works as the Commerce Content Curator for Highsnobiety. We asked him six questions to get to know him better. 



Nigel is wearing the Hoodie Pink and Easy Pant Checkmate Mix


Please can you share when you started at Highsnobiety and what you do?
I've been with Highsnobiety for five years now mid September. Currently I'm in the position of the Commerce Content Curator, which means I'm basically curating product all day, looking for the stuff that's cool, new, hot to us but also to our audience. It's kind of like a digital buyer.

Can you describe a perfect 24 hour day for you in Berlin?
A perfect 24h day in Berlin starts in summer on a weekend. At home with breakfast and a little bit of morning TV(Netflix) cartoons preferably or Malcom In The Middle. After that I'd go out meeting friends. We would go visit a couple stores, check out new collections or if we can find anything we haven't seen before. In between we would stop by a Späti (small 24hour convenience stores) for a Capri Sun or a beer if it's afternoon already. Of course we're hungry at some point and therefore we'd visit Shiso Burger (my favorite Japanese burger place in Berlin) to grab a bite. 

Towards the evening we'd gather on a bench and joke around, getting a couple more drinks from the Späti and from there the evening would evolve just by itself. I'm not really a club person, so that's not an option. Instead, we would visit a couple bars until we decide to go home (probably around 5-6am in the morning)

Are there some favourite must go to places that you can recommend in Berlin?
In terms of food, definitely visit Shiso Burger in Mitte, Spindler in Kreuzberg or Nur Döner in Neukölln. When it comes to stores I very much enjoy Andreas Murkudis (the best concept store in Berlin) and Solebox or Overkill shop for the best sneakers. Apart from food and stores I like to spend my time on the place in front of my door, Oranienplatz. The place is known for it's history with refugee camps and marches for all things from womens rights, to free Tibet. It's a place where you can just sit and things will happen. In general the area around Kotti un Kreuzberg is one of my favorite, it's my Kiez (hood)!


Is there any city you love to travel to the most? 
A city I always enjoy traveling to is Brussels. I've been raised in a European School, which is strongly tied to the European Union and therefore ended up in Brussels already during my highschool times. It's a city as vibrant and rough as Berlin is. You can really feel that it's the capital of Europe and that's what I like about it, this melting pot of cultures. Also I speak french and can use it over there, it always makes me happy speaking that language and I tend to say that the Belgians are chill older brothers of the French :D

What has been your most memorable vacation?  What made it so special to you?
Not necessarily my most memorable vacation, but certainly the most important one was when I was 15 and travelled without my parents for the first time. I went to Sarti in Greece and that's where I met my closest friends. These guys definitely helped shaping me to who I am today and with them I feel like I can be myself the most. Of course the nice beaches and shooting stars at night are unforgettable, but it will always stay in my mind as the turning point, where I started becoming who I am today.

Do you have a favourite BANANATIME item you like to take on your travels? 
When traveling I like putting on the Easy Pant. Very light, super comfortable and definitely the better option to any sweatpant. I have to admit, the Cashmere Hoodie might be my new favorite travel essential. The way it feels on my skin and the level of cozyness might make it my new number one. BUT, I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet and if it ends up being number one, it'll probably be completed by the Easy Pant anyway! 

"The way it feels on my skin and the level of cozyness might make it my new number one."


Photography by Roberto Brundo