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Nynke Schepers

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Nynke Schepers
BANANATIME takes you into the world of travel together with their friends. 
 This month in the spotlight: Nynke Schepers
“ As a musician hears sounds sooner than his biological ear transmits, so I can look with closed eyes. What I see is overwhelming. I wish I could capture what I have seen in one go, but a statue is a long journey. ”
Nynke Schepers believes in and listens to first impulses which means that from beginning to ending the composition and position have already been decided.

During the process of creating she works from within and works to the ‘skin’ of the object. At the same time she also thinks from outside into the inside. During the imagination she removes as much sentiment as possible.

“ Sculpting is being curious about the sound and shape of the material. It takes planning and work until everything comes together and is in harmony. Just like Poetry ”
Please can you introduce yourself? Who you are as an artist and as a person?
Living and working out of wonder arises inspiration and gives me ideas for statues, drawings and ‘Pennings’/medailles. Grateful for the save base of being raised in a harmonious family; have had a youth in the tropics, went to “Free School The Hague”, then to “Beaux-Arts Geneva”, followed up by the “Rijksacademie Amsterdam” and started/found a family. This all is what shaped me as the person that I am today.
Can you please share your story how your artistic career developed?
After the Rijksacademie I got a commissioned assignment from V&D (a Dutch fashion and lifestyle warehouse) for a life-sized statue; "Father and child". It is a portrait of architect E.J. Jelles and our oldest child. This statue is now at the cemetery “Zorgvlied” in Amsterdam. For the rest; exhibitions, assignments and for 13 years I was teacher for Drawing & Modeling/Sculpting at the Rijksacademie, always supported by architect E.J. Jelles where I was married to.
How does living & working in a house situated in the dunes and surrounded by trees inspire your art/work? Does this bring you inspiration?
In 1979 the family went to live in the house in the dunes in the Netherlands, designed by
Jelle Jelles. The atelier/studio built as an extension onto the house. This is where I experienced a new world around me. I call it synchronicity, which matured within me. It got served occur to me outside. Most certainly the nature around the Dune House is giving me inspiration for creating.
Is there any city you love to travel to the most?
I would like to visit Spain and go to Madrid or Barcelona.
What has been your most memorable vacation ? What made it special for you ? 
Nepal - The Himalayas. During this trip I got inspired by seeing a woman that was wrapped around by/in a shawl in front of a little statue. It made me create a statue of it at home. Also; I found Ireland really beautiful.
Does travelling inspires you to create a new work ? 
Travel did give me inspiration a lot. Greece, Indonesia, Nepal, Ireland and Switzerland and Brittany.
For what occasions do you wear your BANANATIME piece ? 
I wear my BANANATIME to matinees in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and when I feel festive.
Nynke wearing her Zig Zag Road Shirt while she is working on her art.