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Rita Lopes

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Rita Lopes
We would like to introduce you to Rita Lopes, an architect and the founder and curator of Promenade Architecture. @promenadearchitecture is full of minimal design and architecture inspiration. 

We believe that art inspires fashion and fashion inspires art. So we asked Rita about the wonderful city Lisbon, architecture and much more. 


Can you please share how you started your career in architecture?

I studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon and in the last year of study (2011) I had the opportunity to do an exchange program in São Paulo - Brazil, that's when I did my first internship in a studio called Apiacás Arquitetos. I'm now working on my online architecture magazine that will be launched soon.

What do you consider as good design in terms of architecture? What kind of architecture do you enjoy the most and why?

I love Brutalism and Minimalism. I'm an apologist of 'less is more', so I love simple lines. My favorite architects are Aires Mateus, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Peter Zumthor, and Tadao Ando, they are my masters and references.

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What has been the most memorable location you have been apart of the design or curation project designed for and why?

I've been to too many wonderful and inspiring places, but I highlight SESC Pompeia (Lina Bo Bardi) in São Paulo. I was breathless at the magnificence of the concrete.

Which places in the world sparks your creativity most and why?

At this moment, Mexico and Japan. I easily get inspired by warm and tropical countries and Mexico is undoubtedly the country that is at the top of my list for traveling, and they have incredible architecture studios that I want to visit as well. I am curious to know about Japan for minimalism and wabi-sabi culture.

How has your approach or attitude to travel and home changed over the last few months?

This year I decided to travel around my country. I visited new places and I loved showing them to my followers. It was also an opportunity to support tourism in Portugal, which unfortunately suffered during the lockdown. Spending more time at home in the last few months, helped me to appreciate simplicity and minimalism even more. I rethought some divisions and made them lighter and fresher.

How would you plan the perfect staycation in your city Lisbon?

The best way to start the day in Lisbon is to have breakfast in a beautiful place: Café Boavida or Comoba, both with healthy and super delicious food options that I love. Then I go to Lx Factory, an incredible place in Alcântara (under the 25 de Abril bridge), It is an abandoned factory that has been transformed into a creative center with restaurants, studios, art galleries, dance schools, bookstores, clothing stores and I'm lucky to work there! After work, I like to enjoy a glass of wine with my friends by the river and have dinner in Graça or Bairro Alto - they are traditional neighborhoods with narrow streets and full of life.

BANANATIME is about taking moments to enjoy life. Can you share how you like to take a break, relax, and enjoy life?

The beach is the place where I can relax and take a break. So, I like to spend the weekends at Comporta (it's an hour from Lisbon) or in the Algarve, where it's always sunny! Imagine a perfect afternoon drinking cold wine and eating the best seafood.

Can you describe your style and how you like to combine your BANANATIME pieces?

My style is simple and creative. Somedays the perfect look is jeans with a white t-shirt, and other days I want to mix patterns.
I am passionate about BANANATIME patterns, and I want to combine them all! It is also important to feel comfortable and BANANATIME pieces are very fluid and perfect.

Photo courtesy of Rita Lopes.