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Selma Kaci Sebbagh

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Selma Kaci Sebbagh
BANANATIME takes you into the world of travel together with their friends. 
 This month we share with you the story of a sneaker collector Selma Kaci Sebbagh - @selmakacisebbagh
Selma is wearing the Hawaiian Shirt Strangelove Marbles Mix and Easy Pant Jungletime Ecru.

Can you please share how you started your love for sneakers and colour ?

 Like most kids, I wore sneakers, because my parents were buying me those.  One of the sneakers that started my addiction were probably the Jordan 3 True Blue. When I was a younger, my aunt used to live in the U.S. and she was nice enough to send me sneakers that we didn’t have here in Europe. She always sent me shoes that didn’t exist here. I  started liking these exclusive, limited models or even unique. She was offering me to do the Nike ID (early 2000) on the US website, that she will ship to me…Patience is the key haha.

I remember one dunk that I made with safari print that turned me crazy. But going back Jordan, when I saw the pictures of the Jordan 3s in 2011, I was like, « Ok I really need these ». So the young me waited in line at Foot Locker and honesty I was the happiest girl ever when I got my pair. I guess that every time I’m having new kicks I wish to have that feeling again and again, and I truly hope I will never be tired of this.  That’s probably the moment I start collecting sneakers. 

My style is pretty hard to describe because my mom always encouraged me to wear what I liked. I remember at the age of 13, I went out with an Hideous green coat made from tweed. That was really awful but my mom told me : « You’re dressing for yourself. If you like I like it, and that’s all you need no know ». Today, I still not having a single black item in my wardrobe. I enjoy colors so much, it’s bring joy. I’m French but my style isn’t. Often in the subway, I look at people that surround me, and everyone is having black jacket, jeans and Stan Smith ahaha. I’m here standing with my STAND purple jacket, beige pants and yellow show, with my Loewe summer bag. I look like an alien, I love it.


What would be your ideal way to spend a day in Paris ? 

Paris is my hometown, I have been raised there, so I love this city, I love to see that we have the chance to have lot of different community, lot of people coming from so many different places, who lives in the same city.

As I actually do, the best way to start the day is obviously with a coffe (on my  own always, I think it’s a cool time for yourself, to think, plan your day or not). To make it ideal I would go for swim or go for a run. I love running in Paris for re-discovering the city. Love to get lost. By night it’s also really incredible. After this, I would love to be able to enjoy lunch outside, on a sunny terrasse with friend, and go to a museum or art gallery. I would enjoy a walk, with friend, and then have drinks, and finally dinner by the river, or on a rootftop. Can I have this now ? hahahaha.


If you would plan a « Staycation » in Paris, where would you « escape » to as a local holiday in the city ? 

Directly and without any doubt I would go to the Mandarin Hotel !


Where do you find the best fashion gems in Paris ? 

I mostly shop online to be honest. But beside that if I want to shop in Paris or even for being inspire, I would go to Tom Greyhound, because they have an amazing selection, very eclectic, modern, but also Merci Shop, L'éclaireur and The Broken Arm !


What is the best way you like to travel around Paris ?

By what nature gave us : our feet ahaha I really enjoy walking in Paris. I think that's the easiest way always, to discover a city.


Selma is wearing the Easy Pant Youth Bloom Blue and Hawaiian Shirt Youth Bloom Blue.

Which place in the world sparks your creativity most and why ? 

When I was a kid, I had a chance to travel a lot, especially to Mediterranean countries. My dad is fascinated by the Italian art history, that I studied as well, so consequently we spent a lot of time in Italy. He now lives in the South of Italy where I go every year. The real powerful beauty, inspiration, I find it in Italy. That place had the power to always amaze me, to have those secret places, and in the same time it has the power to make me feel home everywhere I go. My best memories are in Italy. I will forever be inspired by Italy, and more precisely by Tuscany.

However, on my last trip I went to Japan, and I found it incredibly amazing. I can't explain, but had the feeling that I have been constantly influenced in a positive way. I was keeping my eyes open, trying to see the most of it. I had the great chance, to travel with Japanese people and be guide by tokyoite. Probably the best way to discover that place for the first time.


What kind of places do you like to visit on your travels and how do you plan your trip ? 

When I’m traveling, the first thing that dictates what I wear is comfort, as I really love to walk. Usually I'm not planning much when I’m visiting a city, as I’m part of the team “ lets get lost”. My favorite thing is to search for the art district or the old part of the town (every city have usually one) especially in Italy or Turkey. The kind of place I will always do at least is museum, or art gallery.

When I’m visiting a city, I need to be able to walk for hours. I don’t want to be stopped by discomfort, or hurt feet, that's why I love sneakers and BANANATIME.

I remember when I was in Istanbul, I literally walked at least 15 km everyday day for a week.


We noticed your sneakers collection is very colourful and we in BANANATIME love colour. Which sneakers from your collection, in your opinion, would match well BANANATIME ? 

Honestly since I’m wearing BANANATIME, I have realize how easy prints and colors match every pair I have, you just need to not be afraid of association. But one of my fav is without any hesitation the New Balance ; I love the navy detail that match one my fav pyjama silk (see picture).



Can you tell and show us how you style and combine your BANANATIME pieces ? 

Honestly what I love about BANANATIME pieces is that you literally dressed in 5 second. It makes the all outfit. I love wearing the pyjama silk top and bottom together, and that’s it. I will wear maybe a cute top under, like white crop top, or something like this, and add some nice jewelries. I don’t want to add to much, because my BANANATIME pieces are strong, and unique and I love them like that.


Selma Kaci Sebbagh is wearing the Hawaiian Shirt Strangelove Marbles Mix and Easy Pant Jungletime Ecru and Easy Pant Youth Bloom Blue