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EYE MASK Chevron Safari Blue


Crafted from 100% high quality mulberry silk, BANANATIME products are always comfortable, suitable for many different occasions, easy to care for and ultra light. The perfect versatile wardrobe items for your next adventure.

This is not your ordinary eye mask. Lightly wadded for extra comfort, this eye mask made of silk will keep your skin nicely hydrated around your eyes while you sleep and will have you waking up well rested.  Another great natural property of silk is that it will also help prevent those surprising bed wrinkles in the morning.

The Chevron Safari print takes its inspiration from vintage African wax resist textiles, and is re-interpreted in a playful and modern expression.

The Halo Marbles print takes its inspiration from the artisanal craft of marbling paper, emulating the free spirit of swimming in water.

Chevron Safari Blue print on side one 
Halo Marbles Ecru on side two

Unisex style