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Andy Dixon

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Andy Dixon

BANANATIME takes you into the world of travel together with their friends.

This month in the spotlight: Andy Dixon. He is an artist, famous for his colourful artworks, who has recently collaborated with Versace.
We asked him eight questions to get to know him better.

From music to painting, can you please share your story how your artistic career evolved?
I was involved with music at a very early age, playing in bands in my teens and slowly moving toward experimental production and sound design in my 20s and 30s. Simultaneously during this period, I was always illustrating and designing things like band merchandise, websites, and I suppose the visual side of things eventually became my priority which led me into the world of fine art.

How does living in Los Angeles inspire your art?
LA is filled with inspiration for me. Old world Beverly Hills, for example, is filled with all of my favourite colours - pastel pinks, greens, and teals, and the light here is always so luscious and golden as though it's being put through a filter. The scale of things here is inspiring as well. My studio is spacious which gives the feeling of infinite possibilities. And of course it's sunny every day here which inspires my disposition.

Can you describe a perfect 24 hour day for you in Los Angeles?
I'd sleep in until 10:30, walk to my favourite coffee shop, Blume and Plume, which is only a block away, walk around Echo Park Lake with my partner and our dog, and then head to the studio. In the evening, after a day's work, I'd head out with my partner and some friends for an evening of delicious food and drink, perhaps Korean barbecue, where we'd talk about life, beauty, art, and the things that inspire us most. And then we end the night in our building's massive rooftop Jacuzzi with some nice wine.

Are there some favourite must go to places that you can recommend in Los Angeles? 
I spend most of my days working eating and drinking so my recommendations will most relate specifically to the latter two. There's a cute french wine bar called Mignon in DTLA I love to frequent for its wine selection and charming staff. El Prado in Silverlake is kind of my local haunt - it has great music and a nice wine list. John and Vinnie's has to be one of my absolute favourite restaurants in all of LA so it's a definite must-go, too. And as I mentioned earlier, Blume and Plume is the handsomest coffee shop in LA.
Besides food and drink, I always recommend visitors to go check out the Arts District to visit all the great galleries over there like Night Gallery, Wilding Cran, OTI, etc.

Is there any city you love to travel to the most?
I really love the energy and people of London and Seoul, two cities I've had the privilege of spending some time in over the last few years.

"It's rare to find something that feels simultaneously so easy and dressy 
at the same time and it's honest
my most stranger-complimented outfit I own." - Andy Dixon

What has been your most memorable vacation? What made it so special for you?
Last year after an exhibit in London, my partner and I took a trip to Positano in Italy and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. From the hospitality of the people, to the outstanding food, wine, and lemoncello, to the unimaginable beauty no matter which which way your head is turned, it was without a doubt a dream come true.

When you travel, what are the top three items you must have with you?
I never go anywhere without my earbuds since one of my favourite things to do is wander a city while listening to familiar music. The first thing to go in my suitcase is always my Denis Frison bespoke blue Japanese Chambray suit. And, of course, one should never go anywhere without a wine opener.

Do you have a favourite BANANATIME style to take on your travel?
I love my matching silk wild child print shirt and trousers. The material feels perfect on my skin during one of those twenty-something degree cool-breeze vacation days and the elastic waist means I can binge on as much pasta as I want. It's rare to find something that feels simultaneously so easy and dressy at the same time and it's honest my most stranger-complimented outfit I own.

Photo courtesy of Andy Dixon, Steven Pahel