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      Benefits of Silk

      Silk has the unique characteristic of keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its low density makes it very comfortable and light to wear at home or on the go. The grade of silk chosen for BANANATIME products makes it also possible to machine wash.

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        BANANATIME is committed to sourcing and producing sustainable garments that are made to last. Quality takes time and skill, and our silk pieces are made with care and intention through a thoughtful design process. In the tradition of “slow fashion,” we create versatile, timeless classics that are made to last and let you transition through the seasons.

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        Our philosophy of “buy less, choose well, and make it last” shines through in each quality piece in our collection — enduring wardrobe staples that inspire self-expression, mindfulness, and ease. We choose not to discount our products as we create products that are effortlessly wearable all year round for you to enjoy your BANANATIME moments from day to night.

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          A BANANATIME moment is all about taking a break in your daily life to enjoy life. It can be a moment of relaxation, enjoying one of your passions, learning something new, or could be as simple as enjoying a bike ride around your neighbourhood.


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