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    BT: From your childhood to young adulthood, through your studies to landing your career in London, and then to producing your very first cream for your patients and launching TWELVE BEAUTY, your journey seems very organic, yet driven by purpose. What drives and excites you, and what are your motivations?

    Pedro: Throughout my education and career, I have been blessed with people who have helped and taught me what I know today. I feel it’s my duty to share the knowledge I’ve acquired and pass it on to others. This is my way of giving back the generosity I have received from the great mentors and motivators I've encountered in my life.


    BT: What are the core philosophies of TWELVE BEAUTY?

    Pedro: We offer skincare solutions for everyone, including those with sensitive and reactive skin. We are an independent brand that focuses on healthy doses for healthy skin—no gimmicks or marketing tricks. It is not about following trends but about selecting and using what is most beneficial and what helps the skin stay healthier for longer.


    BT: Why was it important for you to base your company here in Ondara, and not elsewhere?

    Pedro: Ondara is where I was born and raised. I have traveled far and wide, but I have always wanted to come back home, where I am truly happy. My family still lives in Ondara; in fact, my newly acquired office and laboratory are literally right next to my mother’s house and used to belong to my family. This place is filled with fond memories.